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Building & Architectural Industry

Case Study:

The architecture industry has several sector specific accounting and bookkeeping characteristics. 

- Project tracking & budgets
- Work In Progress (WIP)
- Disbursements
- Progress invoicing
- Out of scope billing
- Cash flow

We have the expertise to get up and running in no time!

Our Client

A well known architectural firm with a prominent presence in Melbourne and Sydney


Accounting Problem

Accounty was engaged to address three key objectives:

  • Take on end to end bookkeeping services quickly

  • Understand the complications of their business

  • Liaise with the tax accountant


Accounty Solution

Accounty was initially engaged to provide ad hoc bookkeeping support to the CFO and internal accountant and assist with increasing workload. A few months later, the internal accountant resigned and Accounty was given the opportunity to step into the role of the accountant and assist the CFO with end to end bookkeeping including payroll, invoicing, accounts payable, reporting and BAS lodgements for the entire group of entities. The business structure was complex and we had to get up to speed quickly. 


Our team of experts visited the client on site for a couple of days to fully understand their requirements, current processes, systems in use (Xero, Scoro, Receipt bank, Spotlight reporting) and have smoothly transitioned into the role.


Because the business structure was complex, the client required an experienced direct contact who could not only assist with more complex tasks but also liaise with their tax accountant & provide year end support. We assigned a qualified Chartered Accountant from our team of experts to be the direct contact for this client. Having previous experience in tax firms, our team was able to meet the client’s requirements hassle free and have knowledgeable interactions with their tax accountant. 

Accounty Results


  • Smooth transition to end to end bookkeeping for the group within a week 

  • In depth understanding of internal processes and requirements

  • Reduction in tax accountant costs with an expert on hand

  • 100% compliance deadlines met

We are here to help. We have the knowledge and experience to give your business the accounting support it needs

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