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Why Choose Us?

At Accounty we are proud of the relationships we build with each of our clients.


To ensure we provide you with the best support, we pair you with an all-star Chartered Accountant from our team with years of experience under their belt, who will take the time to really understand your business goals.

An Accounting Expert By Your Side

Our team is made up of Qualified Chartered Accountants who have worked in the Top 5 tax firms in Australia. We strive to use our expertise to illuminate your financials to help you make the best business decisions. Plus, we can liaise with your tax accountants because we understand their lingo!

A Single Point of Contact

At Accounty we are proud of the relationships we build with each of our clients. To support you with your business, we pair you with an all-star Chartered Accountant from our team who will be your dedicated point of contact for all of your accounting needs. This means more familiarity, less repetition and more one-on-one support from someone you can trust!

We Take the Time to Understand Your Business & Industry

Each business is unique and so are your business goals. Adding to this are the intricacies of the industry you operate in. To ensure we have your best interests in mind, we take the time to fully understand the uniqueness of your business and the industry you operate in from the get go.

We Grow with You

Our services are highly scalable which means when our clients grow, we are ready to grow with them. So no matter what stage of growth your business is in, we can easily vary the level of support we provide by taking on as much or as little as you need.

Australia Wide Service

We are based in Adelaide and service clients Australia wide. With the power of online accounting software and other tools, we are able to provide the same uncompromised service to clients all around Australia. In fact, a majority of our clients are based in Melbourne & Sydney.

Analyzing Data

Meet the Founder

Shweta Abeynayake CA

Founder of Accounty

1300 860 440

Shweta is a qualified CA & CPA and has been responsible for a client portfolio worth over $50 million as a manager in one of the Top 5 accounting firms in the world. For the past 10 years, Shweta has been immersed in every aspect of accounting.

However in her 10 years of experience, her greatest passion is helping simplify the complex world of accounting for other business owners, which is why she founded her own practice Accounty Bookkeeping.

What sets Shweta apart from other accountants is how she communicates her vast knowledge through simple language and clear examples, while putting her heart (and eye for detail) into helping all of her clients succeed.


  • CFO function

  • Management Reports

  • Business Measurement & Performance

  • Strategic Planning


  • Chartered Accountant

  • BAS Agent

  • Bachelor of Accounting


  • Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand

  • Tax Practitioners Board

Our Team

We are here to help. We have the knowledge and experience to give your business the accounting support it needs

Let's chat today.

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